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An evolutionary survey of production and exchange in diverse societies. Specific topics include current hardware, infrastructure and connectivity technologies, software and systems development methodologies. The course focus is on conceptualization of needs analysis related to instructional and performance improvement issues in selected settings. Good Academic Standing with no required course retakes pending. Alabama Class B Educator Preparation and Certification. It is available to all students, of all academic backgrounds.

In three states, this requirement is limited to the cheerleading sponsor. This course provides strategies to improve communication skills via construction of logical scientific arguments and effective writing. At the invitation of Ray Work, acting dean of BEC, Al also taught a general college chemistry course at what was to become Florida Tech.

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You may unlock achievements as you complete courses throughout the site. Number of social, you see advisor of study of various types and department faculty members, sports course coaching certificate in the many. Discussion and investigation of history, current trends, and issues in instructional design and their implications for education and training. Research reviews and program design problems are emphasized. Principals of fluid flow through porous media, well hydraulics.

This course provides a examination of Therapeutic Recreation interventions and the role of research and theory in influencing practice. This course provides Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner students to assess, diagnose, and manage selected health care needs of children.

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This module will enable the student to develop injury prevention measures. Students explore through directed individual study and research, problems and issue of special interest or significance in Special Education. Prerequisite: Undergraduate course in advanced calculus. Requires approval of Department Chair.

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Introduction to parameters in aerospace analysis and how they may impact a design.